Multidisciplinary designer
based in the Bay Area.


Jan–Mar 2021

A bus shelter poster of a personally influential design period and artist: 1920s Russian Constructivist movie posters, specifically from the Stenberg Brothers.


Before I narrowed down my exact topic to the Stenberg Brothers, I first chose the overall topic of Russian Constructivism, specifically in the 1920s; Their posters have excellent hierarchy and can effectively convey a message without seeming over or under-designed.


What do I admire about the Stenberg Brothers movie posters?
  1. Image Making
  2. Color Palettes
  3. Dynamic Typography 
  4. Clear Hierarchy

Now to capture all of these elements in my poster!


Taking what I thought were the most effective and cohesive Stenberg Brothers movie posters and putting them all together, I established hierarchy and grouping from where I want the viewer's eyes to go and in what order. However, I felt that the poster was still visually lacking a "punch" to make it more eye-catching and engaging.


Version 2 extended visual elements on both the top and bottom of the poster to unite the different groupings. I also added a rough, grainy texture for a more retro feel.

Version 2 bus shelter mockup

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